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Interesting Links to Internet Resources



Scientific Literature
PubMed Library, article search by author name, subject, keyword, date, journal etc.


Public Library of Science 



Online Biology Book/college-level introductory biology
Tree of Life
Marine Algae Taxonomy Database, search by genus and/or species name
Chlamydomonas Database
Internet Directory for Botany: Lower Plants
Botanik online
Arabinet: Arabidopsis information links
Photographic Atlas of Plant Anatomy
Plants Database of the Natural Resources Conversation Services, USA
Cell Biology Der Online Dienst zur Zellbiologie, IWF
Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology, Third edition, online. Skip the advertisment and go to the bottom of the page click on :"Now go on to the Dictionary!"
The Kinesin Homepage
The Myosin Homepage
WWW Virtual Library of Microscopy
Cell Biology Project of the University of Arizona. A Tutorial