Group Leader:

František Baluška

+49 228 734761

Prof. Dieter Volkmann (retired)

Department of Plant Cell Biology
Institute of Cellular and Molecular Botany (IZMB)
University of Bonn
Kirschallee 1
D-53115 Bonn

Springer Book Series
Springer Book Series
Signaling and Communication in Plants
Plant Signaling & Behaviour
Plant Signaling & Behaviour
Frantisek Baluska's scientometrics data
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publications 387
citations 11267
h-index 61
i10-index 181
(Updated: 7 March, 2016)

The 'Root-Brain' Hypothesis of Charles and Francis Darwin
Julius Sachs 2015

Energide as the Basic Unit of Eukaryotic Life
Julius Sachs

Strasburger’s legacy to mitosis and cytokinesis
and its relevance for the Cell Theory

Transautophagy (COST Action CA15138)
Flyer for PSB2016
International Symposium on Plant Signaling & Behavior 2016

International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology