Jozef Šamaj, František Baluška and Diedrik Menzel (2006)

The Plant Endocytosis

Table of Contents

Lawrence R. Griffing: Endocytosis across kingdoms: a comparison between yeast, animals and plants

Neil Emans and Stefano DiFiore: Imaging endocytosis

Jozef Šamaj: Methods and molecular tools to study endocytosis in plants – an overview

František Baluška, Edurne Baroja-Fernandez, Javier Pozueta-Romero and Ed Etxeberria, Andrej Hlavacka and Jozef Šamaj: Endocytic uptake of nutrients, cell wall components, and fluidized cell wall portions into heterotrophic plant cells

Liwen Jiang, Sheung Kwan Lam, Peter Oliviusson, Oliver Heinzerling, and David G. Robinson: Plant prevacuolar compartments and endocytosis

Nadine Paris and Jean-Marc Neuhaus: Plant Vacuoles

Susanne Holstein: Molecular dissection of the clathrin-endocytosis machinery in plants

Eugenia Russinova and Sacco C. de Vries: Endocytic membrane receptor recycling in plant cells

Miroslav Ovecka and Irene Lichtscheidl: Sterol endocytosis and trafficking in plant cells

Rujin Chen and Patrick Masson: Auxin transport and recycling of PIN and ARG proteins in plants

Markus Geisler and Angus Murphy: Endocytosis of ABC transporters and aminopeptidases

Erik Nielsen and Takashi Ueda: Rab GTPases in plant endocytosis

Masa H. Sato and Tomohiro Uemura: SNARE molecules involved in the endocytotic process of higher plants

Desh-Pal Verma, Diedrik Menzel and Sebastian Bednarek: Dynamin in plant endocytosis

Jozef Šamaj, František Baluška, Boris Voigt and Diedrik Menzel: Endocytosis and actin cytoskeleton in plant cell morphogenesis

Antonius Timmers, Sofie Goormachtig and Marcelle Holsters: Endocytosis and plant symbiotic interactions

Ulrike Homann: Endocytosis and trafficking of K+ channels in guard cells

Rui Malho and Jan Derksen: Endocytosis in pollen tubes: common target for signalling pathways

Jürgen Wendland and Andrea Walther: Endocytosis and tip growth in fungi