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František Baluška, Milada Čiamporová, Otília Gašparíková, Peter W. Barlow (1995)

Structure and Function of Roots

Table of Contents



P.W. Barlow: Structure and function at the root apex - phylogenetic and ontogenetic perspectives on apical cells and quiescent centres

T. Tykarska M. Kuras: The origin of the basal part of the embryo root in Brassica napus L. and its role in growth of early seedlings

A. Lux, M. Mikus, Z. Hanáčková, J. Krištín: Radicle of Echinocactus platyacanthus(Cactaceae)

J.L. Oud, N. Nanmnga: The relation betvveen cell size, chromosome length and the orientation of chromosomes in dividing root cortex cells

F. Baluška, P.W. Barlow, Š. Kubica: Importance of the post-mitotic isodiametric growth (PIG) region for growth and development of roots

N.P. Demchenko: The completion of cell proliferation and growth in wheat radicle

D. Volkmann and P. Peters: Structural basis of root hair formation: Early development of trichoblasts and atrichoblasts

S. Sato, Y. Ogasawara and S. Sakuragi: The relationship between growth, nucleus migration and cytoskeleton in root hairs of radish

S. Morita and K. Nemoto: Morphology and anatomy of rice roots with special reference to coordination in organo- and histogenesis

K. Beneš, S. Vitha, K.M.A. Gartland and M.C. Elliott: The localization of p-glucuronidase in roots of transgenic sugar beet by means of azocoupling procedure

E. Tanimoto: Effect of gibberellin and ancymidol on the growth and cell wall components of pea (Pisum sativum L.) roots

A. Lux, E. Masarovicova and Roman Olah: Structural and physiological characteristics of the tap root of Smymium perfoliatum L. (Apiaceae)

D.M. Oosterhuis, D. Zhao: Increased root length and branching in cotton by soil application of the plant growth regulator PGR-IV

C. Jourdan, H. Rey, Y. Guedon: Modelling of the branching process of the root system of young oil palm seedlings. A markovian approach



J. Sklenar, G.G. Fox, B.C. Loughman, A.D.B. Pannifer, R.G. Ratcliffe: Effects of vanadate on the ATP content, ATPase activity and phosphate absorption capacity of maize roots

J. Sklenar, B.C. Loughman: lon permeability of maize root membrane vesicles: Studies with light scattering

G. Klobus: The role of plasma membrane-bound activities in nitrate transport into sealed plasma membrane vesicles from Cucumis sativus L. roots

F. Devienne and B. Mary: Influence of constant nitrate concentration on N uptake and growth of wheat

K. Hairiah, I. Stulen, M. van Noordvvijk, P.J.C. Kuiper: Al avoidance and Al tolerance of Mucuna pruriens var. utilis: Effects of a heterogeneous root environment and the nitrogen form in the root environment

F.A. Smith, S. Dickson, C. Morris, R.J. Reid, M. Tester and S.E. Smith: Phosphate transfer in VA mycorrhizas. Special mechanisms or not?

A. Szabó-Nagy and L. Erdei: Phosphatase induction under stress conditions in wheat

O. Gašparíková, T. Pšenáková, M. Čiamporová, I. Haviarová, M. Luxová and S. Kašiarová: Changes in respiration and ultrastmcture of radicle mitochondria during early germination in isolated wheat embryos

M. Mikus, A. Lux, D. C. Crans, P. K. Shin and J. Kristín: Comparison of phytate in radicle, plumule, scutellum and endosperm of Zea mays and Zea diploperennis seeds

M. Mikus, P. K. Shin and D. C. Crans: The effect of vanadate on growth and phospholipid levels in the root and hypocotyl of bean seedlings (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

D. Vaughan, B.G. Ord, S.T. Buckland, E.I. Duff, C.D. Campbell: Distribution of soil invertase in relation to the root systems of Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr. and Acer pseudoplatanus L. during development ofyoung plants



E. Steudle: Water transport across roots

W. Melchior and E. Steudle: Hydrostatic and osmotic hydraulic conductivities and reflection coefficients of onion (Allium cepa L.) roots

S.W. Hallgren, M. Rudinger, E. Steudle: Root hydraulic properties of spruce measured with the pressure probe

U. Shani, Y. Waisel and A. Eshel: The development of melon roots under trickle irrigation: Effects of the location of the emitters



A. D. Peuke and W. D. Jeschke: Effects of nitrogen source, nitrate concentration and salt stress on element and ion concentrations in transport fluids and on C and N flovvs in Ricinus communis L.

V. Borkovec and S. Procházka: Abscisic acid in the ear of winter wheat: Transport from the roots, the leaves, or biosynthesis in situ?

M.B. Jackson, P.A. Attvvood, R.W. Brailsford, D. Coupland, M.A. Else, P.J. English, J.E. Summers: Hormones and root-shoot relationships in flooded plants - an analysis of methods and results

E. Abbas, V. Borkovec, S. Procházka and L. Havel: Translocation of nutritional and growth regulating substances in vitro to the developing roots and shoots of cucumber explants

D. Gansert: Root respiration and its importance for the carbon balance of beech saplings (Fagus sylvatica L.) in a montane beech forest



S.A. Kamula, C.A. Peterson, C.I. Mayfield: Impact of the exodermis on infection of roots by Fusarium culmorum

K.A. Fayez, I. Gerken, U. Kristen: Ultrastructural responses of root caps to the herbicides chlorsulfuron and metsulfuron methyl

A.G. Bengough, C.J. MacKenzie, H.E. Elangwe: Biophysics of the growth responses of pea roots to changes in penetration resistance

D. Chiatante: Tolerance of meristematic root cells to desiccation in seeds; protection of the nucleus

P. M. Neumann: Inhibition of root growth by salinity stress: toxicity or an adaptive biophysical response?

Z. Starck, A. Siwiec, D. Chotuj: Distribution of calcium in tomato plants in response to heat stress and plant grovvth regulators

J. Zámečník, J. Bieblová, M. Grospietsch: Safety zone as a barrier to root-shoot ice propagation

R.F.M. van Steveninck, A. Babare, D.R. Femando, M.E. van Steveninck: The binding of zinc, but not cadmium, by phytic acid in roots of crop plants

J.J. Šlaski: Differences in the metabolic responses of root tips of wheat and rye to aluminium stress

R. Čížková: Phytohormonal levels in spruce roots under aluminium stress

M. Kodrík: Distribution of root biomass and length in Picea abies ecosystem under different immission regimes

J. Gáper and P. Lizoň: Sporocarp succession of mycorrhizal fungi in the Norway spruce plantations in formerly agricultural land