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Publikationen der Abteilung 2006 (Mitglieder der Abteilung in Fettdruck)
Original articles:
1. Alvarez-Venegas, R., Sadder, M, Hlavacka, A, Baluska, F., Xia, Y., Lu, G., Firsov, A., Sarath, G., Moriyama, H., Dubrovsky, J.G., Avramova, Z. (2006) The Arabidopsis homolog of trithorax, ATX1, binds phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate, and the two regulate a common set of target genes. PNAS 103(15): 6049-6054.
2. Chen, Y., Chen, T., Shen, S., Zheng, M., Guo, Y., Lin, J., Baluska, F., Samaj, J. (2006) Differential display proteomic analysis of Picea meyeri pollen germination and pollen-tube growth after inhibition of actin polymerization by latrunculin B.
Plant J. 47(2): 174-95.
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6. Mancuso S, Barlow PW, Volkmann D, Baluska F(2006) Actin Turnover-Mediated Gravity Response in Maize Root Apices: Gravitropism of Decapped Roots Impli-cates Gravisensing Outside of the Root Cap. Plant Signaling Behavior (2): 52-58.
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10. Wang, X., Teng, Y., Wang, Q., Li, X., Zheng, M. Samaj, J., Baluska, F., Lin, J. (2006) Imaging of Dynamic Secretory Vesicles in Living Pollen Tubes of Picea meyeri Using Evanescent Wave Microscopy. Plant Physiol. 141(4): 1591-603.
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Review Articles:
1. Baluska F., Menzel D., Barlow P.W. (2006) Cytokinesis in plant and animal cells: Endosomes 'shut the door'. Dev Biol. 294(1): 1-10.
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Book Chapters:
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