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Publikationen 2002 (Mitlieder der Abteilung in Fettdruck)
Original Articles
1. Baluska, F., Hlavacka, A., Samaj , J., Palme, K., Robinson, D.G., Matoh, T., McCurdy, D.W., Menzel, D., Volkmann, D.  (2002) F-actin-dependent endocytosis of cell wall pectins in meristematic root cells. Insights from brefeldin A-induced compartments. Plant Physiol. 130(1): 422-431.
2. Samaj, J., Ovecka, M., Hlavacka, A., Lecourieux, F., Meskiene, I., Lichtscheidl, I., Lenart, P., Salaj, J., Volkmann, D., Bogre, L., Baluska, F., Hirt, H. (2002) Involvement of the mitogen-activated protein kinase SIMK in regulation of root hair tip growth. EMBO J. 21(13): 3296-3306.
3. Vugrek, O., Frank, S., Menzel, D. (2002) Suppressor-tRNA mediated bacterial expression for Acetabularia (Dasycladales, Chlorophyta) genes containing UAA and UAG glutamin codons. Phycologia 41(6): 590-593.
4. Yu, Q., Hlavacka, A., Matoh, T., Volkmann, D., Menzel, D., Goldbach, H.E., Baluska, F. (2002) Short-term boron deprivation inhibits endocytosis of cell wall pectins in meristematic cells of maize and wheat root apices. Plant Physiol. 130(1): 415-21.
Review Articles:

1. Baluska, F., Volkmann, D. (2002) Pictures in cell biology. Actin-driven polar growth of plant cells. Trends Cell Biol. 12(1): 14. 


Book Chapters:

1. Samaj, J., Ensikat, H.-J., Barthlott, W., Volkmann, D. (2002) Immunogold-silver scanning electron microscopy using glycerol liquid substitution. In: Hacker GW, Gu J (eds): Gold and silver staining: techniques in molecular morphology. CRC Press, chapter 16