International Symposium on             
Plant Signaling and Behavior 2014

March 7-10, 2014, Delhi

Abstract Submission

All oral presentations and three best poster presentations will be invited as full manuscripts for possible publication in a special issue of the Journal of Plant Signaling and Behaviour after due process of reviewing.

Details for abstract submission are as follows:

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION (Last date: February 15, 2014)


Text of the abstract (excluding title, authors’ names and affiliations) should not contain more than 300 words. It should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12. Title of abstract, authors’ names and affiliations should be aligned in the centre of the page. Main body of the abstract should preferably be in one paragraph. References should be avoided in the abstract. Spacing between lines of the text should be uniformly single space, double space between the title and authors’ names, single space between authors’ names and their affiliations, and double space between the last line of affiliations and beginning of abstract. Both left and right sides of the text should be justified. Width of line spread should be within 16 cm. A representative example is shown below. Please indicate the focal theme for presentation (oral/poster). Please underline the name of presenting authour.

Understanding of the salt tolerance mechanisms during seed germination in sunflower

David A., Mukherjee S., Yadav S. and Bhatla S. C.
Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007. India

Sunflower seedlings subjected to salt stress exhibit a decrease in extension growth of hypocotyl, non-expansion of cotyledons, loss of root turgidity and root proliferation in a salt concentration-dependent manner.

The Abstract is to be submitted as a word file in the indicated format and sent as an attachment on the email address: